Duangrat's Oriental Food Mart, located next to our Rabieng Thai Restaurant, is where it all started!  In 1981, Ed & Pookie Duangrat with their modest lifes' savings, support from family, friends, and an empathetic landlord- opened up shop.  

Back then, our little ethnic market was one of few in the DC Metro area and mostly served the local Asian immigrant community.  Thai cuisine soon flourished in the late 80's and 90's.  As the exotic food & flavors won over hearts of the masses, becoming mainstream;  a diverse clientele of fans soon followed.  

Our market expanded and doubled in size to accommodate more products and shoppers seeking unique, obscure specialty ingredients from the far corners of the Orient.  Today, despite the proliferation of "big box" chains selling Asian groceries, we remain decidedly "mom & pop".  We continue to thrive by offering a vast stock of Asian provisions at astonishingly low prices with genuine, old-fashioned charm that is rare these days.  

5888 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041


Our inventory of rice & ramen is stocked!  Rabieng's Chef will also be stocking our Grab & Go case with her favorite Thai street snacks!  Don't forget to check out ZAAP!, a pop-up noodle shop & street food collaboration between Rabieng and The Market.  The ZAAP! kiosk/eatery is located in the back right corner of The Market > click HERE for more info.