Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Fall, welcome back!

Hello friends!  Rabieng welcomes you back this Fall with some adventurous additions to our menu.  We know that nowadays, you can get Pad Thai just about any where.  That said, Rabieng always strives to offer you more than the expected- an authentic taste of the obscure, indigenous food of local Thai natives.  

Some of our most delicious & satisfying foods aren't complicated, in fact, they're just snacks.  We've added some savory Thai "street-style" snacks that you're not likely to find elsewhere.  Like many things you would find off the "streets" of Thailand, some, will bring out the Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmerman in you!  But at $5 each, it pays to be adventurous!  

We'll keep these snacks a surprise until you get here, but let's just say, if you like good ol' American snacks like chips & dip, beef jerky, Rice Krispies treats & corn nuts- you'll be in for a treat : )