Welcome to Rabieng Thai Restaurant, home of 
"Thai country comfort cooking"!

In addition to staple Thai favorites, like Pad Thai, Rabieng’s menu extends beyond Bangkok, our bustling capital city, to include indigenous rural fare from Esan- Thailand’s northeastern region.  Here, you’ll find traditional snacks and dishes that are not often found in a commercialized setting, but rather often enjoyed by Thais at home or from a local street vendor.

Esan-style cuisine is comparable to the low-country cooking of the Deep South.  Like its stateside counterpart, Esan cooking tends to be richly seasoned, spicy, and often fried or grilled.  Many Esan dishes tend to be finger food, making malleable sticky rice the customary accompaniment of choice.

Our chefs strive to maintain the integrity of authentic ingredients, methods, flavors, textures and presentation.   Rabieng’s cozy, rustic charm is no coincidence; it was purposely designed to evoke a casual, “down home feel”, reflecting the simple lifestyle of Thai country folk.  
You will find Thai design elements & artwork present throughout.

Be sure to check out Rabieng’s weekend lunch, featuring a long list of snack-sized plates, 
perfect for sampling and sharing!

"This amazing Thai spot is equally distinguished for its exciting variations on the standards, delivering unusual regional dishes and its innovative take on Siamese street food at its weekend dim sum brunch. There's never a dull moment on the plate, making it worth the lines."

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 “Simpler and smaller” than its “fancy” nearby sib, Duangrat’s, this “homey” Falls Church “hole-in-the-wall” provides a full range of “wonderful country Thai cooking” with “just the right amount of spice” and “terrific” small plates (with “lots of choices”) served on weekends; it’s “not edgy” by any stretch, but “polite” servers make it an “attractive” place to dine that “dollar for dollar” offers “great value.”