Friday, March 23, 2012

By popular demand, Nam Kao Todt is on the menu!

Nam Kao Todt is one of the more elaborate Thai spicy salads (Yaam) to prepare, combining two primary components:  the Nam, which is Thai cured (lime, garlic) pork sausage and the Kao Todt, which means deep-fried rice.  The Nam sausage is pulled into bite-sized morsels.  Curried jasmine rice is hand formed into balls then deep-fried, creating what resembles the texture of Rice Crispies- airy, puffy, crunchy rice.  The rice balls are then crumbled into bits & pieces and tossed with the Nam in a bowl along with fresh chilies, lime juice, fish sauce & sugar- enhancing the four principle flavor profiles of Thai cooking:  spicy, sour, salty and sweet (respectively).  Peanuts & dried chilies are tossed in for good measure ; )

The enigma & allure of Thai cuisine lies not only in adherence to the aforementioned flavor profiles, but also the harmonious fusion of otherwise totally random ingredients.  If you love spicy, authentic, country Thai cooking- then Nam Kao Todt is a must try!

It is perhaps the complexity of these ingredients and tedious preparation, that Nam Kao Todt seldomly appears on the menus of Thai restaurants outside of the Kingdom.  We bring you this special dish to Falls Church, VA at Rabieng- home of Thai country comfort cookin'!