Friday, January 3, 2020

Weekend Grab & Go Street Snacks @ Zaap!

Craving some fast, fun Thai food?  Check out Zaap!, our pop-up noodle shop located inside our adjacent market.  Weekends, don't miss our chef's selection of grab & go street fare like coconut & chive custard hot cakes, Chinese beignets, fried plantains, chicken cracklings, tapioca dumplings & more!  #thaistreetfood #kanomkrok #patongo #sakoo #thainoodlesoup

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Introducing ZAAP! our new pop-up street noodle shop located in our market next door!  

The word "zaap" is Thai slang meaning spiciness that “hits the spot!"   Figuratively, it can also mean sassy, bold & cheeky. Zaap! is all of these things in one small package!

Our mission is to serve up authentic Thai street noodles & favorites in an “express for less” package- a perfect individual portion at a modest price, just like street food back in the homeland!

The menu is a pared down, handpicked selection of Thai street vendor favorites.  All food is packaged TO-GO and utensils are available upon request.  Limited self-service seating is available to complete the authentic 🇹🇭 street food experience 🍜😋

We do not employ extra help to operate this little stand.  
To keep things streamlined, NO SUBSTITUTIONS or custom orders please.  Please help us keep things tidy and in return, we’ll pass the savings on to you.  Water, beverages and more grab & go, ready-to-eat food is available for purchase at the front counter; be sure to check out our daily-made offerings!  

Duangrat's Market 5888 Leesburg Pike, 
back right corner of store

Monday - Thursday
11AM - 8PM

Friday - Sunday
11AM - 6PM

order in person or phone order:

(scan or click for menu)

 "street-style, self-service seating @ ZAAP-TO-GO!

#yentafo is a traditional seafood noodle soup w/ tofu in fermented bean curd broth, similar sweet & sour sour tanginess of tomato paste, savory & delicious!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

DOORDASH (Post Mates, Grub Hub, Uber Eats) Customers please read!

Third-party delivery customers please read

Some restaurants are partnered with third-party delivery services (DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub, PostMates), Rabieng is NOT.  There is no affiliation, association, partnership, representation, contract, compensation, etc.

You might ask, "How or why is your menu available on these websites?"  To make a long story short, it is apparently not illegal for these delivery companies to "hijack" (copy & paste) restaurant menus without consent.  This is because these services act as a "restaurant taxi" on behalf of the customer; NOT as a delivery driver of the restaurant.  

Once a menu is hijacked, some delivery services take the liberty of inflating the restaurant's menu prices and/or charges the customer an additional service fee.  We are not a fan of this "double-dipping" practice.  Rather, we believe in fair, face-value pricing and transparency. 

When you place an order through their portal, your payment is collected solely by them.  Their agent phones us your order.  They dispatch a driver, who pays us with a credit card upon pick-up.  

This non-consensual "partnership" between delivery service and restaurant means that the line of communication is effectively one-way, i.e. the service can call the restaurant, but not vice-versa.  Therefore, if an issue ever arises with an order, the customer must contact the delivery service, which then calls the restaurant.  This middle-man process between the three parties may significantly delay the delivery!  

With that said, we recognize that in today’s World, a third-party delivery service is convenient and mutually beneficial to all involved.   Mistakes have been few and far between, so we will allow them to carry on.  However, for aforementioned reasons, we cannot take responsibility for any errors, delays, issues, that may arise with the delivery.  

Should we determine that these services are disruptive and/ or misrepresent our brand, products & services, we will take action to have our menu removed from third-party websites. 

July 2017 Washingtonian "Eat Great Cheap Issue"!

Check us out in the July 2017 Washingtonian 
"Eat Great Cheap Issue"!

"The dishes we crave at this worn-around-the-edges 
dining room are ones we haven't found anywhere else in the area!"

Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016 Washingtonian Best Cheap Eats!

Hey Washington, we're still the BEST & we're still a BARGAIN, thank you form your support!

#rabieng #washingtoniancheapeats #bestbargainthai #bestthaiinva #esanfood