Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Dim Sum!

Don't miss Rabieng's weekend Dim Sum & Noodle Soup lunch! 
Every Saturday & Sunday from 11AM to 3PM. 
Made to order, our Dim Sum menu of 30 snack-sized plates is sure to please every palate!  No waiting for cold food on a cart! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nam Prik Ong- another deliciously quirky appetizer!

Nam Prik Ong (Roasted Tomato & Ground Pork Belly Dip) 

A home-style snack dip of Nan Province (North). 
Nam Prik Ong is a roasted paste of ground pork belly, tomato, red chilies, garlic & shallots.  Its taste & texture is reminiscent of a spicy Bolognese sauce.  Served with traditional sides of crisp carrots, cucumbers, romaine leafs & fried pork rinds for dipping.  Don't ask us how the Thai food gods think up such ridiculously quirky, yet delicious food pairings!  Just come in and try some for yourself!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spicy Beef "Boat" Noodles!

Come savor a bowl!  We've added Spicy Beef "Boat" Noodle Soup to our daily lunch menu!  The nickname "Boat Noodles" is derived from the fact that this ever popular "meal-in-a-bowl" is the signature product of the famous Thai Floating Market in Ratchaburi, Thailand.  At this canal-based market, vendors hawk various products such as freshly prepared food, fresh fruits & vegetables, right out of their boats!  The Floating Market is a must visit tourist destination and THE place to enjoy an authentic hot & hearty bowl of "Boat Noodles".  If you can't make it to Ratchaburi, just come to Rabieng!

There are many varieties of Thai noodle soups, Rabieng features six of the most popular!  Each is prepared according to its own traditional recipe of specific protein, noodle-type, garnish and a composed broth of particular spices & seasonings.  Thai noodle soups are served to the table already bursting with flavor!  It is customary to tweak to personal preference the four essential Thai flavor profiles (sweet, sour, salty and spicy); just ask for the condiment tray.  

Home of the original "Boat" Noodles- Ratchaburi, Thailand

Vendors on the "Floating Market"

Rabieng's Spicy Beef "Boat" Noodles- rice noodles, tender slices of flank steak, Thai meatballs, crispy pork rinds, basil, sprouts & celery in a savory, Five Spice beef broth

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rabieng's Northern Style Mieng Kham Leaf Wraps!

As Fall approaches, we have been working on a few additions to our repertoire of indigenous Thai fare.  Rabieng is proud to introduce our version of Mieng Kham- a traditional leaf wrapped, finger snack originating in Northern Thailand.  Translated, "Mieng Kham" literally means, "morsels of food in a bite".  

Mieng Kham is an old world snack consisting of a small sampling of natural ingredients, each specifically chosen to tantalize the four flavor profiles of Thai cuisine:  sweet, salty, sour & spicy.  Traditional Mieng Kham consists of:  Betel leafs, dehydrated shrimp, toasted coconut slivers, roasted peanuts, diced red onions, Thai chili peppers, ginger, and limes (with peel).  Simply add a smidgen of each to a leaf, a dab of Mieng sauce (a caramel of fish sauce and palm sugar).  The finished product should be a bite-sized leaf wrap.

As odd as these ingredients sound individually, the resulting combination is comparable to the filling of an "Almond Joy"- crunchy coconut & salted caramel!  While we have tweaked the ingredients just a tad to suit our desired taste & texture profile, Rabieng's Mieng Kham is a homage true to authenticity.  Try it with a cold beer!  

Mieng Kham is simple, yet complex, delightful and delicious!  It is no wonder that this rather "primitive" food remains a popular Thai snack today.  

Dehydrated shrimp never tasted so good!  Yes, that's a tiny wedge of lime with peel.  Wrapped up and ready to enjoy!!!