Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016 Washingtonian Best Cheap Eats!

Hey Washington, we're still the BEST & we're still a BARGAIN, thank you form your support!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

New "Maha Raja" Beef Curry Noodle Soup

Often called Guay Tiew Kaak in Thailand, which literally translates as "Noodles of Indians", this distinctive, aromatic noodle soup is like none you've ever tasted!  We call it Maha Raja, and as the name suggests, this particular native noodle soup was born in the Southern region of Thailand, where Thai cooking is often influenced by the exotic spices & rich curries of neighboring India, Indonesia and Malaysia.  The curry broth in our Maha Raja is rich in flavor, yet delicate in composition.  The mildly sweet flavors of coconut & peanut are perfectly balanced by the tangy spice of chilies, garlic and lime.  Rabieng's Maha Raja noodle soup is an authentic homage to the original with tender stewed cubed beef, thin rice noodles, sprouts, fried tofu, boiled egg, crispy shallots.  Not many, if any Thai restaurants in America serve Guay Tiew Kaak, so what are you waiting for?!

New Esan-Style Papaya Platters!

Hi friends!  Rabieng finally welcomes the fresh air of Spring with our new, refreshing & delicious deluxe Papaya Platters!  Each platter is loaded with Rabieng's cool & fiery Papaya Salad and Esan (Northern Thai) favorite fixins' of pork rinds, shrimp chips, roasted peanuts & sticky rice- how cool is that?! We're not done yet- customize each platter with your favorite protein:  Soft Crab Tempura, Grilled Shrimp, Fried Calamari, Crispy Wings, Moo Yaw (Thai Spam), Esan Sausage, Jerked Beef, Grilled Quail.  Come enjoy the best Papaya Salad outside of Esan, only @ Rabieng!
Deluxe Papaya Platter, served with Esan fixins' (pork rinds, shrimp chips, roasted peanuts, sticky rice) 
and choice of protein (pictured here with crispy wings)