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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Musings on Restaurant Week & prix-fixe Thai menus...

In case you're wondering why Rabieng (and Duangrat's) does not participate in Restaurant Week, it's simple- we believe in offering the customer our full menu and the freedom of choice.  After all, it's your money and your belly, why leave it up to someone else's discretion?  

More importantly, our a la carte prices are already an outstanding value!  In fact, we are perennially awarded Very Best Bargain restaurant by The Washingtonian Magazine.  With our guest check average of $12-$15 (lunch) and $20-$25 (dinner), you can easily build your own 2-3+ course meal  for well less than  Restaurant Week promo prices (usually $20 lunch, $35 dinner- per person).  

No doubt Restaurant Week offers excellent dining value for trying out that "expense account" restaurant you've been saving for a special occasion.  The bottom line is, no need to wait for a "sale" or occasion.  Drop by Rabieng anytime for a homestyle Thai meal that will leave you and your wallet smiling!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well folks, it's a new year and we were finally able to secure a new url (web address)!  Apparently, someone out there in cyberspace had been squating on "".  Now that you are here, please take the time to change your bookmark over from the former to just simplicity is good and just like a supermodel, we want to be known by only ONE word ; )  Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous 2012!