Thursday, June 29, 2017

DOORDASH Customers please read!

DoorDash customers please read

If you are ordering our food through DoorDash (DD), please be aware that you are contracting a third party delivery service.  We are not affiliated with DD. There is no official partnership, contract or compensation between DD and our restaurant.  As such, there is no line of communication between DD and our restaurant, other than when a DD rep calls your order in.  If for example we are unable to provide service for any reason (power outage, holiday, etc.), we have no means to relay the info to a DD administrator to suspend customer orders.

The way that DD operates is that it has literally copied & pasted our menu onto its website without our consent or permission.  When you place an order via the DD website, a DD agent places a phone call to our general phone number just as you would.  Your credit card payment is collected solely by DD.  DD dispatches a driver, who in turn pays us upon pick-up with a corporate credit card.  In other words DD has been able to operate without consent or contract with the restaurant, by posing as the customer.

Neither the restaurant, nor DD receives compensation from the other.  The restaurant just makes its face value menu price from the sale/ order when the DD driver renders payment at the restaurant.  DD makes its money from a service fee to the customer.  DD compensates the driver along with any tips from the customer.    

With that said, we recognize that in today’s World, a third party delivery service is convenient and mutually beneficial to all three parties involved.   Mistakes have been few and far between, so we will allow DD to continue operating in this unsanctioned capacity.   However, for obvious reasons, we cannot take responsibility for any errors, delays, issues, that may arise with your DD delivery.  In this case, DO NOT CALL THE RESTAURANT, please sort the issue out with DD. 

Should we determine that DD’s service is disruptive and/ or misrepresents our brand, products & services, we will take action to have DD remove our menu from its website.